Australia International Undergoes Rebranding

Australia Plus logoThe Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s international channel, Australia International has announced that it will be rebranding to now be called Australia Plus. Australia Plus will be a slimmed down version of Australia International and will become a syndicated channel available only to affiliated rebroadcasters instead of the previous direct to home (DTH) format.

Australia Plus will be broadcast on C band via Intelsat 18 and Intelsat 20. Customers who previously viewed Australia International via Intelsat 19 will no longer be to and will need to repoint their dish to Intelsat 18. Furthermore, Intelsat 18 utilises circular polarisation and as a result customers will need to fit circular feed kits to there existing linear setup.

Av-Comm have a variety of circular feed assemblies available to suit both prime focus and offset dishes. Av-Comm circular feed setups utilise waveguide polariser technology, the most efficient method for receiving circularly polarised signals.
For a full description of linear and circular polarisation click here.

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