Av-Comm Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary: sovereign satellite innovation and expertise since 1981

Av-Comm, Australia’s oldest privately-owned satellite communications company, is celebrating 40 years of sovereign satellite innovation and expertise.

‘We’re excited to celebrate this milestone anniversary and give thanks to our employees, partners and clients who have been instrumental in helping Av-Comm become what it is today,’ said Michael Cratt, Managing Director of Av-Comm. ‘Our goal today is unchanged from what our founder Garry Cratt set out to achieve 40 years ago – to help our clients achieve their connectivity goals as they entertain, inform and protect people around the world.’

Throughout its 40 year history, Av-Comm has been instrumental in shaping Australia’s satellite communications industry, pioneering Australia’s first Ku band domestic satellite system for people living in regional and remote areas, designing the now industry-standard range of filtered C band LNBs and standalone waveguide filters to overcome interference in the 3.5Ghz band, and developing world-class inclined orbit satellite solutions to enable our clients to take full advantage of low-cost, resilient bandwidth.

‘As Australia’s oldest privately-owned satellite communications company, innovation is in our DNA. We’ve witnessed the transition from analogue to digital, from Y beam to HTS, and now the proliferation of non-geostationary satellite constellations,’ said Garry Cratt, Founder and Technical Director of Av-Comm. ‘We’re proud to see Av-Comm’s growing reach throughout Australia and the Pacific Islands region, as we work with clients and partners to promote and improve telecommunications services, especially to those remote communities.’

To celebrate this milestone anniversary, content will be shared on the company’s social media accounts and staff, clients and colleagues are invited to join the conversation online using #AVC40.