Refurbishment of an Andrew 6.5m Antenna – SBS Sydney

In September 2014 Av Comm completed works on a Andrew 6.5m Satellite Dish Refurbishment at SBS’s Sydney facility. SBS has two 6.5m Andrew satellite dishes that are primarily used to receive international news programs from around the world for rebroadcast on their terrestrial television channels.

The refurbishment involved the cleaning of the elevation jackscrew and installation of new elevation actuator cover, repair of the dish’s motorised cassegrain feed assembly, resetting of the azimuth limited switches, fitting of new Av Comm Bandpass Filtered C Band LNBs, and repair of the azimuth drive motor.

Additionally, Av Comm designed, fabricated, and installed a new antenna controller to allow SBSs engineering department to realign the dish as required. The original Andrew antenna controller had failed due to a combination of the controller’s age and the use of tantalum capacitors in the original design. SBS’s dish has now been returned to service on Asiasat 5, providing flawless reception. Av Comm is now planning the refurbishment of several other of SBS’s Sydney dish farm.

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