In-Room Entertainment & Hospitality Solutions

With over 35 years experience in the Audio Visual industry, Av-Comm prides itself in providing quality, reliable and comprehensive audio visual solutions. We can seamlessly combine audio visual, IT, and communications systems which incorporate dependable and innovative cutting-edge technology.

We have the engineering, project management, and support mechanisms to provide a full range of services for basic small scale systems through to highly complex large scale projects. With our engineering expertise and a competitive price, we can, and do handle the whole spectrum.

Television Headend Equipment Sales

Av-Comm is the distributor for several leading manufacturers of professional headend equipment and can design headend solutions for a wide variety of projects and applications. Av-Comm’s engineering team works side by side with system integrators to design innovative solutions working with IPTV and RF based distribution systems.

Whether you need a complete headend solution or a niche product to compliment your existing system, Av-Comm will strive to identify a value driven and robust solution for you.  

  • Satellite & Terrestrial Channels to IPTV & RF
  • Transcoding (RTMP, HLS, UDP, RTP, RTMP)
  • Encoding (HDMI, SDI, CVBS) to IP or RF
  • Hospitality Compendiums Systems
  • RF Distribution (DVB-T and DVB-T2)
  • IPTV Encryption

Free to Air Television

Free to Air Television (FTA) is the core of almost every Television Headend System and provides customers with access to the full bouquet of terrestrially broadcast television channels.

The terrestrial FTA TV channels are received by a standard TV antenna and processed by our Headend modules. Our terrestrial TV Headend includes multiple tuners allowing simultaneous distribution of all channels mirroring the viewer experience at home.

The output of the Headend can be provided in RF (coax) or IP (or both for hybrid systems) and includes full electronic program guide (EPG) functionality ensuring optimal user experience.

For customers with sites located in remote or rural areas Av-Comm has developed Headend Solutions that receive the FTA Television channels via the Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST) system. Our Headend Solutions can then distribute the channels via RF (coax) or IP identical to the system described above.

Subscription Television (Pay TV)

Pay TV integration is often a key requirement for Television Headend Systems and can one of the more challenging elements to integrate depending on the provider and their requirements around encryption.

Av-Comm can integrate all Pay TV platforms into our Headend solutions including Foxtel, MySat, TV Plus, NHK Premium, and Canal+. Typically the Pay TV provider will supply a Conditional Access Module (CAM) and smartcard that we integrate into the headend to decode the channels. Once the channels are decoded and processed into our Headend we can distribute the channels via RF (coax) or IP to any device.

One of Av-Comm’s unique Headend Solutions for IPTV systems is to encrypt Foxtel all the way to the TV, an essential requirement for any Foxtel IPTV system. Av-Comm has partnered with LG Procentric and Proidium to provide a turnkey IPTV system that is significantly more cost effective and eliminates the annual fees associated with alternative encryption systems.   

International Satellite TV

International television content received by satellite provides operators of premium hotel, student accommodation, aged care /retirement villages, motels and entertainment facilities with a unique value proposition for international and local visitors beyond the traditional In-Room Entertainment product offering.

Av-Comm specialises in the Satellite Dish and Headend Systems that receive International Satellite Television channels. Typically International Satellite TV programming is provided free to air and is available at not on-going cost unlike subscription Pay TV channels. There are in excess of 150 International TV channels available via satellite with almost every major language and country providing content for expatriates living abroad.     

International Television content is often desired by hotel and student accommodation customers to appeal to international visitors. For sites that can’t receive a desired satellite or channel or simply doesn’t want to have a large dish installed on the roof Av-Comm has developed our AV Streamer solution that allows delivery of any channel via the internet. The channel can then be seamlessly integrated into the Headend to distributed to the In-Room Entertainment system.