Satcoms Hardware Supply

Av-Comm supplies a wide range of broadcast and communications hardware to the satellite and terrestrial communications industry.

Av-Comm has a direct manufacturer engagement policy, allowing more flexible, timely solutions and a greater return on investment for each of our customers.

Providing turnkey solutions for our customers means Av-Comm technicians have expert experience with the latest technology, in the most diverse situations and locations.

L Band to Fibre

IPTV Headends

Block Up Converters (BUCs)

Test and Measurement Equipment

Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPA)

Low Noise Blocks (LNBs) and Feedhorns

MPEG 2/4 Encoders, Decoders, Re-Multiplexers

Satellite Dishes (L, S, C, X, Ku, Ka Bands – Tx/Rx)

Antenna Controllers and Beacon Receivers

Modulators, Demodulators, and Modems

Av-Comm is proud to represent the following manufacturers: