CUAVA-1 CubeSat VHF/UHF Ground Station Project for the University of New South Wales

15 October 2021

Av-Comm is proud to have collaborated with the University of New South Wales to develop a CubeSat TT&C Gateway Antenna System. Operating in the VHF and UHF frequency bands, Av-Comm’s proprietary system is capable of tracking CubeSats in low earth orbit and facilitating critical two-way communications with the satellite. 

Av-Comm’s CubeSat TT&C Gateway Antenna System utilises two-line element ephemeris positioning data. The system converts this dataset into pointing coordinates, which are then used to accurately point the antenna as the satellite passes overhead. Av-Comm’s system offers CUAVA’s team of researchers ultra-accurate tracking capabilities to maximise usable time available from each pass. 

The next phase of Av-Comm’s work with the University is the development and installation of an advanced S and X Band Gateway Antenna System. This system will offer Australian researchers a sovereign antenna system capable of supporting the next generation of larger and more capable satellites for future missions. 

With the Australian Space Agency’s recent Trailblazer program announcement to build a rover to be sent to the moon, Av-Comm is proud to bear witness to the growing capabilities of the Australian space industry. 

Av-Comm would like to thank the University of New South Wales for their support and vision on this project and we are looking forward to the next phase of the project in early 2022.