Av-Comm is Australia’s most trusted authority on satellite ground stations with offices in Sydney, Perth, and Honiara. We’re always looking for fresh talent and new ideas to join our growing team of engineers, technicians, problem solvers, creative thinkers, and adventurers.

It’s our mission to promote the critical role the ground segment plays in the Australian space ecosystem. Our projects make our people adventurers, taking teams to some of the most remote and unexpected places as they work to ensure the integrity, endurance and efficacy of Australia’s long-term space capability.

At Av-Comm we’re always asking the question ‘is there a smarter way?’ and our team works to offer our clients the most technically advanced and effective solution we can design and produce. Our systems and our success rely on the ingenuity of our team members and their ability to see every problem and challenge that our clients face as an opportunity to engineer, create and innovate.

Internships & Graduates

If you’ve got passion, we’ll help you realise your potential. Here at Av-Comm we know the value of on-the-job training and invite graduates to apply to be part of our internship program. Our interns get hands-on training and the opportunity to pursue their passion, working as part of a dynamic and innovative team that strives to see every problem and challenge our clients face as an opportunity to engineer, create and innovate.

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Av-Comm is an equal opportunity employer

Av-Comm is proud to be an equal opportunity employer and we value the diversity of our employees whose perspectives and passion strengthen our ability to achieve our mission.

Don’t tick all the boxes? Good. We’re looking for passionate people who think and work outside the box. We know that passion has potential.

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We’re a firm believer in the unique ingenuity and grit of the Australian spirit and know that Australians really do do it better. A career at Av-Comm offers a solid foundation in Australia’s sovereign space and manufacturing industries, championing an evergreen skill-base at home to ensure specialist satellite communications skills and expertise are sustained for generations to come.

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