Four Channels of DVB-T MPEG 4 Commissioned in Honiara

In October 2014 four channels of DVB-T MPEG 4 were commissioned in Honiara by Av-Comm. High Definition Television is now broadcast throughout Honiara the capital of the Solomon Islands. Av-Comm commissioned a new four channel High Definition MPEG 4 encoding and multiplexing system that allowed Telekom Television to begin DVB-T MPEG 4 HDTV broadcasts.

Telekom TeleVision (TTV) broadcasts their DVB-T transmissions utilising MPEG 4 compression, in the VHF band III on 184.5MHz utilising vertical polarisation. Telekom Television’s engineers are currently running test broadcasts with BBC HD, SBS HD, ABC News 24, and Edge Sports HD.

The beginning of HDTV broadcasts is an important milestone for Telekom TeleVision as they continue to develop into a world class television broadcaster.

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