6th appearance for Av-Comm at Australasia Satellite Forum

15 June 2022

This week Av-Comm Managing Director Michael Cratt participated in the Australian Satellite Forum’s Earth Observation panel. Here, Michael championed the critical role the ‘ground segment’ of satellite communications plays in the Australian space ecosystem. As satellites and capabilities get larger, so too do the datasets that need to be transmitted back to the ground. Where the ground segment does not evolve alongside other aspects of satellite communication, data will ‘bottleneck’ and fail to transmit.

With this problem in mind, Michael discussed the work Av-Comm is doing in developing sustainable communication systems and their core work of building powerful infrastructure that others can use and rely on. Michael also spoke on the unique applications of satellites that inspire him and his team to build these platforms.

Joining Michael on the panel were Aude Vignelles, CTO of the Australian Space Agency, Dr Alex Held, Director of the CSIRO’s Centre for Earth Observation Satellites, and Jacob Markish, Vice President Strategy and Marketing, Thales North America.

You can watch Michael and the full coverage of the Earth Observation panel, here:


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