Av-Comm Exhibits at the 14th Australian Space Forum and Features on Australia in Space TV

25 October 2022

Last week Av-Comm had the opportunity to attend the 14th Australian Space Forum in Adelaide. Hosted by the Andy Thomas Space Foundation with support from the South Australian Government, the forum brought together the best and brightest from Australia’s space industry and from around the world. We were excited to showcase Av-Comm and talk about our work in the Australian space sector, focusing on opportunities for the ground segment.

Av-Comm’s Senior Satellite Consultant Evan Kirk and Strategic Advisor Jeremy Hallett represented Av-Comm at the forum. “ASF is Australia’s premier space industry showcase and a unique opportunity for Australian space businesses to demonstrate our unique, Aussie ingenuity and grit to the rest of the world,” Kirk said.

Av-Comm’s Strategic Adviser Jeremy Hallett also spoke to Chris Cubbage from Australia in Space TV. Jeremy spoke about Av-Comm’s history and the three pillars of Av-Comm’s business. “The core of Av-Comm’s work is in the commercial telecommunications space and we have completed over 1000 ground stations throughout our 41 years in business,” he said. “Another important arm of the business is in civil space applications such as in Earth observations, science and exploration. And looking ahead, the future looks very bright for defence and government applications utilising the ground segment for satellite communications, navigation and positioning.”

Watch the full interview here:

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